Reep Midlands


Exclusive car care with Reep Midlands

For many people, their car and car collections are their pride and joy and they want to protect their assets as best as they can. Two years in, Reep Midlands continue to add to their reputation as the leading luxury car care provider in the region.

The menu of options and customisation offered to enhance and protect your vehicle at Reep Midlands is vast, and ever increasing. The most attractive to many is the Concierge Service, which is designed to minimise the disruption of their clients’ busy lives as much as possible. 

Many of Reep Midlands’ clients are business professionals who live between time zones and rarely get the opportunity to swing by and drop off/collect their cars. Even when it comes to managing full car collections, they will arrange full covered trailer transportation, liaise with dealers, agents and brokers and ensuring a seamless transition between all parties. It does not matter how sensitive/delicate the clients’ needs are, Reep Midlands can deliver. A VIP client request recently was their car being picked up in Scotland, returned to the Reep Midlands Studio in Leicester before having full car paint protection film and being delivered to the customer to collect in person... in Paris.

ferrari enzo

Where Reep Midlands set themselves apart from many other car care brands is providing their customers with a unique and tailored experience. When prearranged with the owners, Pete George and Pri Chauhan – you can sit back and watch your vehicle being worked on by the experienced professional team in the Studio – all whilst enjoying the hospitality from your own private viewing suite. With future additions including protected remote access to the studio via secure webcam to view your car being worked on, you are never away from this hidden gem of a facility.

You may have even had your car protected and enhanced by Reep Midlands without even knowing it! By working directly with many dealers in the Midlands and surrounding including well known luxury and sport car franchises supplying Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin, VW, Audi and many other well-known vehicle brands. Their partnerships with these organisations allow a seamless process which can be factored in when you buy a new or used car. Many of the Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film installs done are completed before a customer collects from their dealership.

Pri is quick to point out that beyond the premises and impressive facility is a team of highly trained individuals that are factory trained, accredited and offer a highly professional service utilising the finest materials, polishes and coatings on the market. Being all show and no go is not in their ‘MO’, and there is a serious message of protecting your asset before it starts to become a costly repair project. Reep Midlands backs up their facility with the investment in people and processes which is only the beginning. They are already looking to add to the team and are considering larger premises to keep up with increasing demand – without compromising on customer facilities.

Thankfully despite the serious nature of the business, Reep Midlands still provides a warm and friendly approach to all customers and has you leaving with a smile…