The Real Impact of a Terrible Commute


Some bad days start on the way in to the office – heavy traffic, roadworks and congestion can make commuting times much longer and, according to the latest survey from motorcycle insurance company, Devitt, could affect productivity for up to half an hour after arriving at the office.

The survey, which saw results from 2,000 motorists, returned some surprising – if slightly depressing – results. The study revealed the total cost to the UK economy as a result of bad traffic, how many commuters feel ‘bike envy’ when they see bikers cutting through traffic jams and some interesting statistics behind office tattletales.

Even the most organised of morning routines can be thrown off by congestion. The survey results show that, by arriving late to the office, individuals can feel tense, anxious and frustrated for an average of 34.2 minutes. Logically, the half hour spent calming down and regaining control over the day is a hindrance to productivity, which costs the UK economy a staggering £203.8 million each week. In addition to this, 13% of people said that they had missed, or arrived late to, a job interview as a result of unpredictable traffic problems – so, not only is unpredictable travel time affecting current employment, but future prospects are also being damaged!

On the subject of arriving late to the office, 32.3% of respondents admitted that they prefer to attempt to hide their lateness, rather than being upfront – whilst 43.2% of employees stated that they would turn a colleague in for sneaking into the office late – whether it was avoidable or not.

After covering the effects on business, health and performance, the survey continued to pose questions around the way people think when it comes to driving to work. 27.8% of respondents admitted to experiencing ‘biker envy’ when they witnessed riders weaving between traffic and cutting to the front of gridlocked queues – something which bikers can legally, and safely, do.

Devitt believe that this research shows that motorbikes are an easier and more efficient way to travel to work – and around the country. To back their statements, they have developed an interactive map displaying motorbike statistics from across the UK. Dubbed the ‘Biker Map of Britain’, the map shows demographics such as average premium rates, gender, age, preferred bike models and professions of riders in each locality, broken down further by postcode.

Proving the ‘bad boy biker’ image is completely outdated, the application is showing current and potential riders, the benefits of riding to work as a simple solution to the problems - and associated costs - which come with taking the car to work every day.