Have you ever really lived?

Have you experienced a moment when you felt alive because ultimately you were frightened to death?

For a split second, lightning runs through your veins, your pulse goes off the scale, your imagination catches fire and you engage with every element on Earth.

And, in that moment, you cut the cord and let go. Life in free fall.

Your mind stops wandering, your eyes stop rolling – fight or flight?

It’s now or never. Have you ever had a moment like that?

When everything you’ve seen before, everything you thought was real and every trauma, every naked piece of flesh fails to mean anything anymore.

You emerge from the coma you called life, and finally, it hits you.

Just because you’re breathing doesn’t mean you’re living. Feel the rush.

These are the words and inspirational thinking behind brand new performance wear brand Adrenaline.

The brand has a specific interest in extreme sports and is on a mission to encourage wearers to fuel their own adrenaline rush.

“Adrenaline is commonly used to describe the physical symptoms that happen to us when our body goes into fight or flight mode,” said Stuart Crowther the brand’s Founder and Managing Director.

“But when it comes to what engages that mode, it becomes far more individualised. For some an adrenaline rush comes when scaling great heights or jumping out of an aeroplane thousands of feet up in the sky. For others, it could take the form of racing around a track at high speed or quite simply stepping into a room full of strangers.

“These varied and individual meanings behind an adrenaline rush is what inspired our clothing.”

As part of that same mission to fuel everyone’s adrenaline rushes, Stuart and his team have developed and curated clothing that allows people, no matter what their chosen activity, to perform to their maximum ability.

Their debut collection – they’re releasing clothing range by range – will be brought to market soon via their e-commerce website and is what Stuart describes as “athleisure”. It will feature t-shirts, long sleeved tops, sports bras, shorts, leggings and hoodies for men and women in a range of different colours which can be worn to work out, or day-to-day.

Next to launch will be their ‘Junkie’ range which takes inspiration from street and urban fashion with slogan t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits and hoodies followed up by the innovative Energy Return Technology (ERT) range.

ERT - a term coined by Adrenaline – is performance clothing made from a 6.6 microfiber yarn with built in FIR (far infrared ray) properties. The mineral additive found in the yarn converts the thermo energy of the human body into FIR and reflects it back to the skin tissues causing deep, gentle heating.

The gentle heat emitted by the fibres energizes the body and helps to return energy back into the body giving the wearer the benefit of performing longer by reducing fatigue and helping the body to recover quicker.

This FIR technology will shake the performance wear industry and be knitted into the base layer garments including tech hoodies, t-shirts, training bottoms and shorts.

Adrenaline’s new e-commerce website where their debut range can be purchased is launching soon. Keep an eye out on or contact info@ for more information.

Stuart’s top four things to fuel your adrenaline rush

1. Speed round a racetrack High speed is something that naturally gets our heart rate going and in turn releases adrenaline. To experience this at its peak supercar or motorbike track days are a must. For some though, adrenaline might actually come when letting go of control, in which case you might benefit from giving up the steering wheel and taking up a passenger experience.

2. Take up boxing It might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about adrenaline rushes, but boxing relies on reflexes and is very much a sport where you have to have your wits about you. The ‘rush’ in boxing not only comes when your arm is being lifted as the winner, but also when you’re ducking from your opponent’s flying punches.

3. Experience Snowdonia’s zipline Set 500 feet above an old slate mine, Snowdonia’s zipline in Wales combines adrenaline pumping height and speed in one go. The fastest in the world and the longest in Europe, the zipline reaches speeds of more than 100mph all while you are lying in a cocoon like bag unable to move.

4. Take the leap of faith Skydiving is something that is on everyone’s ‘bucket list’ but how many of us actually tick it off is questionable. Why? Because the moment when you are peering over the edge of the plane, getting ready to tip forwards is a moment of sheer fear that many dread. But if you are one to chase adrenaline, then there is nothing quite like it.

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