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Meet the new Executive Director at BMI The Park Hospital 

A personal visit from the Executive Director of the hospital you are being treated in, is something rarely seen, but it’s now the norm at BMI The Park Hospital, Arnold. The private healthcare centre has recently welcomed a new Executive Director, who is doing things a little differently… 

In June this year, Amanda Dorkes, who is a pharmacist by trade, took on the role as the new Executive Director. Her previous career path has seen her work for some of the country’s biggest pharmaceutical names, Boots and Lloyds to name a few, as well as small, independent pharmacies. But, this move into the Executive Director role is an entirely new and exciting realm.

BMI The Park Hospital is part of BMI Healthcare – one of the UK’s largest private healthcare centres – and provides vital medial care, surgery and diagnostic imaging to its patients. The 56-bed private hospital also has a critical care unit, provides chemotherapy, radiotherapy and palliative care to patients with cancer as well as offering paediatric care.  

Amanda Dorkes

Amanda is responsible for the daily running of the hospital, including managing the wellbeing of the staff, consultants and anaesthetists that work there, but she is taking a fresh approach to this management.

“I have lots of experience but have never run a hospital. I see that only as a positive though because I take a different approach to management.” Amanda said. “Rather than managing from a computer, I am always out and about talking to people. I want to learn how we do things. I want to stand and observe an operation in theatre. I want to visit patients on the ward. I want to talk to consultants. It is all part of my passion to make sure this is a positive place to work and to be a patient in.” 

It was while she was an inpatient at BMI The Park Hospital herself, that Amanda witnessed first-hand the excellent treatment and care the hospital provides and this is what inspired her to become part of the team. 

And, she’s already making a positive impact, helping the hospital receive a ‘Good’ in a recent unannounced Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessment – a crucial assessment framework for healthcare services in the UK. The rating is a reinforcement of the staff’s commitment to putting their patients at the heart of everything they do. 

And, Amanda certainly has solid plans for the hospital’s future too: 

“I was extremely proud of our ‘Good’ rating, but now I am determined to turn it into an Outstanding’ on our next CQC assessment. Very few hospitals in the country have managed to achieve an ‘Outstanding’, it’s very difficult to do, but I have every faith that our fantastic hospital can absolutely achieve that.”